This second book in the award winning Telluride Murder Mystery series snares the Last Resort Detective Agency’s band of misfits in a new crime spree that rides a razorwire between fiction and reality.

Wit Thorpe and his pre-teen daughter Cody find a colorful assortment of victims dropping like stale jokes as our haunted private eye faces yet another classic who-dun-it caper exploding onto the privileged streets of Telluride.

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What The Critics Have To Say:

You’ll be both entertained and educated as the author retells his family’s adventures cruising to the Bay of Fundy aboard the 80-year-old ketch Dog Star. This book is rich with information on cruising the challenging Maine coast, and equally rich in humor.

Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine

In Bound For Roque Island Rubadeau proves that he's every bit as good a story-teller as he is a seasoned mariner. Great read!



Randall Peffer, Southern Seahawk

I love Wit Thorpe; a private eye and peeping-tom working for the reality challenged residents that walk the high Rocky Mountain streets of my Telluride. Wit and his pre-teen daughter are a detecting duo created in literary heaven. This book is laugh out loud funny and as tightly crafted as the great classics of the murder mystery genre.

Susan Saint James
Private eye Wit Thorpe is an amusing mix of flaws, Rocky Mountain rugged individualism, desperation, and a broken moral compass. The citizens of Telluride and readers will rejoice that Thorpe’s delightful and canny almost ten-year-old daughter Cody is riding shotgun on her dad’s madcap crusade to bring a killer to justice.
- Randall Peffer, author of The Cape Island Mystery Series

I absolutely loved Bound For Roque Island, it was witty and seriously, seriously, hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud in every chapter, and constantly reading passages to whomever was around to listen. I could go on and on, but I don't know the correct 'book appreciator' terms, so I'll just stick with, I LOVE YOUR BOOK.

Brianna Shepard

 We just finished Bound For Roque Island: Sailing Maine and the World and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We too have sailed with our daughter (20) and son (19) since they were born. Our last 14 years of sailing have been on the coast of Maine. As well as the family connection to sailing, we especially enjoyed the "sailing" that was in your book. We hardly read much of the sailing media today, because it doesn't have, that.


Tom and Mary Ann Young CHRISTMAS

R. J. Rubadeau really distills the essence of cruising in Maine and the character of those places that exist only there... In the bookcase over the port pilot berth in the main cabin you will find Bound for Roque Island Sailing Maine and the World keeping company with Nigel Calder's Marine Diesel Engines, Don Casey's This Old Boat, Roger Duncan's Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, etc. etc.

Dr. Pat Kelley CYGNUS

Gatsby’s Last Resort is off the wall storytelling at its best. The characters may be fictional, but they bare an eerie resemblance to many we pass on our streets every day. I appreciated, not only the style, but the wit and humor Rubadeau brought to an edge of your seat mystery about our mountain town and the colorful locals we all know and love in spite of their flaws.

Stuart Fraser, Mayor of Telluride

An informed story. With a stand-up’s sense of humor & timing. A poet’s pivotal use of metaphor… He mixes tales of professional cruising with a playful family storyline, funny scenes, nostalgia & a lifetime’s bag of sailing tricks. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty … It’s one of those books you hate to put down and love to pick up.

Art Goodtimes, columnist The Telluride Watch

Rubadeau is a satirist who draws on what are clearly recognizable tropes to invent a resort more akin to, yes, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s universe in The Great Gatsby: full of spoiled heiresses, thwarted dreamers, gilded excess, and greed…an original take on what Telluride might indeed be at its core: home to a bunch of wily eccentrics, idealistic yet corrupted by a staggering level of avarice and lust, careening from disaster to disaster.


Seth Cagin, Publisher The Telluride Watch

Local author Robert Rubadeau has published a novel loaded with guns, sex, crime and celebrities — and it all takes place in a certain box canyon nestled in the mountains of southwestern Colorado. In Gatsby’s Last Resort, Rubadeau uses Telluride as the backdrop for a wild murder mystery full of rugged individuals, shadowy characters, loose morals and unexpected twists.

Associate Editor Katie Klingsporn The Daily Planet

Bound for Roque Island: Sailing Maine and the World is a great series of stories surrounding a cruise that prompted me to put sailing on my "Bucket List". Bob Rubadeau’s colorful and humorous story telling continued as my guest on the radio show. If your dream is to sail then you’ll realize, after reading his book and listening to the archived radio program, that all things are possible.

Bruce L. Oliver, Cruise With Bruce Radio

I found myself drawndrawn into this book.BOUND FOR ROQUE ISLAND showcases not only the beauty that is out there on the water and seeing the world that way, but also the beauty that comes from those you choose to take the journey with. No matter what your interests, it is hard to deny the attraction you will feel for this book.

C. A. Webb, Conversations Book Club

I found myself drawn into this book. BOUND FOR ROQUE ISLAND showcases not only the beauty that is out there on the water and seeing the world that way, but also the beauty that comes from those you choose to take the journey with. No matter what your interests, it is hard to deny the attraction you will feel for this book.

C. A. Webb, Conversations Book Club

I was sent a preview copy of this book, and it is now threadbare. I just ordered five copies for Christmas because of the author's words that entirely capture the heart and soul of a cruising sailor. His thoughts in transit make my heart ache for summer breezes. Hang you laundry in the wind, pack a good bottle of scotch, and enjoy the trip with this salty philosopher.

Brooke Cunningham, Coastal Stories

If you like to cruise the Maine Coast, especially east of Schoodic, then you'll enjoy this book. Bob Rubadeau is a great story teller, as well as, an accomplished sailor. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it.

Coastal Cruiser

Gatsby’s Last Resort is refreshing, colorful, edgy, racy, and fun. The jokes fly, the intrigue increases and Wit pursues his case and his craft with his own bumbling, spirited determination. Here’s hoping this work is the start of a long-running series.”

Mark Stevens, Allison Coil Mystery Series